ServiceLink Commercial has extensive experience in providing commercial maintenance services to class “A” commercial properties. Each aspect of the service we provide is separated to ensure a custom trained staff. Our founder, Steve Iverson, has experience in every major market throughout the United States and focuses on customizing our efforts to the individual customer needs.

Steve, began in the cleaning industry at the age of 16 by washing windows and shampooing carpets. At the age of 18, he began a position as Coordinator of Cleaning Services for a large North Eastern commercial developer. After spending 5 years in that position and learning what class “A” tenants and management companies look for in a janitorial contractor, he chose to start working in the commercial cleaning industry.

Since then, Steve has worked for some of the industries largest service providers. His experience ranges from working in markets such as New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C. Steve designed cleaning systems for these markets and became a top service provider. Steve’s accomplishments also include designing the cleaning systems for the then, Bank One Ballpark, home of the World Champion Arizona Diamondbacks as well as America West Arena as well as many valley hi-rise commercial office buildings. His philosophy has always been to keep the customer’s needs first and foremost, as well as creating a fun and successful environment for each and every employee.

“I don’t know of a single successful company that doesn’t have happy and motivated employees. It may be tough to get people excited about cleaning, but we strive every day to make it happen.”